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Ultra Motion’s electromechanical actuators push the envelope of performance, power density, and operation in demanding environments. Our engineering team has an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, high performance alloys, and design principles that allow our actuators to work flawlessly in the most critical applications.

Our aerospace offerings include best-in-class brushless DC motors for the highest possible power density, along with our patented and flight-proven Phase Index absolute position sensor, which is contactless, digital, batteryless, and uncontested when it comes to mass/space savings and resistance to shock/vibe.

Ultra Motion has provided actuators for use in a crewed spacecraft, hypersonic research vehicles, small orbital launch vehicles, group 4/5 uncrewed aerial vehicles, uncrewed rotorcraft, and more. Contact Ultra Motion Engineering today to discuss our capabilities and your application in detail.

Typical Performance Specifications:

  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature
  • Extreme shock and vibration resistance
  • Environmental sealing to IP67 or higher
  • Contactless, batteryless absolute position feedback with optional redundancy
  • High bandwidth position control (small amplitude control > 15 Hz)
  • Forces up to 1,200 lbf peak

Industry Spotlight

Thrust Vector Control


Image: Launcher Inc.


Image: Orbex

Ultra Motion linear actuators provide high power in small spaces and are perfect for applications that demand robust, dynamic motion. Two Ultra Motion actuators are used for Thrust Vector Control of Orbex’s second stage rocket, Prime.


Images & video: SDSU

Two Ultra Motion B1 actuators operate the gimbal on the SDSU Rocket Project. We are happy to support this program.
The video here: Video

Masten Space

Image : Video courtesy Masten Space

Ultra Motion Linear Actuators Used in Test Flight for Mars Landing Technology.

LIA Aerospace

Images: LIA Aerospace

High Performance Space

This custom linear actuator is designed for use in vacuum or shallow underwater. The actuator has a 1.25-inch stroke length, a custom 200W brushless DC motor with a power-off brake, high-load ball bearing nut with a 0.125″ pitch, and a total gear reduction of 6.24:1. This actuator also includes an integrated version of Ultra Motion’s Phase Index™ digital absolute position encoder with a 0-5V analog output. This encoder provides robust high-speed position feedback reliably and over a wide temperature range. An internal linear potentiometer is also included for redundant position feedback. The actuator is fully shielded against EMI, and has D38999 interface connectors. Contact Us for more information.

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Nozzle Flap


Images: Hermeus Corp.

Hermeus is an exciting new company developing a hypersonic aircraft with the goal of revolutionizing commercial flight. Ultra Motion’s A2 Servo Cylinders control the nozzle flaps of their prototype engine during hot-fire testing.

The Servo Cylinder’s robust construction ensures reliable operation in the harshest environments and the Phase Index absolute position sensor provides rock-solid feedback in high vibration applications. The integrated BLDC control electronics are designed to produce high efficiency and extremely dynamic motion, while offering the user a variety of command protocols to facilitate integration into their system.

Additional design and manufacturing capabilities:

  • Vacuum and radiation exposure
  • Revision control
  • Lot tracking
  • ESD prevention programs
  • Electronic soldering and assembly certifications
  • Conformal coatings
  • 100% acceptance testing
  • FAA 8130-9 (Statement of Conformity) process
  • Working with FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) to attain Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) certification