Aerospace Linear ActuatorsAerospace Linear Actuators





• Shock and Vibration
• Wide Temperature Range
• Ingress Protection

Medical Linear ActuatorsUltra Motion Medical Linear Actuator

When Microns Matter...

Submicron Resolution

Precision Ground Ball Screws

Zero Backlash

Industrial Linear ActuatorsLinear Motion Systems

Downtime Costs Money

High Reliability,
Extended Life Linear Actuators

Linear Motion SystemsLinear Motion Systems

77K to 85°C


Custom Aerospace Linear ActuatorElectric Cylinder

Pressure Compensated Linear Actuators to 20,000 Feet

Deployed Accessories, Control
Surfaces, Gimbals...
aerospace linear actuators
Ultra Motion, LLC has a long history of partnering with aerospace firms on flight applications ranging from deployed accessories, to primary control surfaces.
Science & Research
Particle Accelerators, Laser
Experiments, Telescopes...
science and research electric actuators
For 20 years, Ultra Motion has been supplying high performance actuators to research facilities, national laboratories, and universities.
Heart and Lung Machines, Precision
Radiation-Therapy Units, Research...
medical electric linear actuator
Ultra Motion supplies motion control systems that form the critical basis for the operation of life-saving medical equipment, and the facilitation of medical research.
Underwater & Marine
Underwater Exploration,
Offshore Drilling, ROVs...
underwater linear actuator industry icon
Our experience and expertise in the marine industry has led to working with many high profile customers pushing the limits of underwater exploration and marine technology development.
Assembly Lines, Conveyor Systems,
Pneumatic/Hydraulic Replacement...
industrial automation linear actuator
Our actuators allow for companies to expand the capabilities of their machines while also increasing reliability, decreasing complexity, and saving money.
UAVs, Self-Driving Cars,
Battlefield Robots...
robotics industry actuator icon
Ultra Motion offers a complete line of compact, high performance electro-mechanical actuators that meet the demanding requirements of small and mid-scale robotic applications.
Artillery Stabilization, Bomb
Release Units, Vehicle Control...
military electric linear actuator
We have experience fulfilling DFARS, and material certifications, as well as many MIL standards including salt fog, shock and vibration, thermal shock, radiation, explosive atmosphere, etc.
Animatronics, Fountains,
Advanced Lighting...
entertainment animatronics linear actuator icon
Our electro-mechanical actuators have been used for animatronics, advanced lighting, special effects, and robotic sculptures.
Custom Projects
What Are Your Special
other custom actuator projects icon
Our engineering team can design a product specific to your demanding application. Click here and an engineer will return your inquiry.